the storming of illaria

the tide turns

the elves win a huge battle with the dwarves and smash the human forces attempting to build a colony there. when the stonebreaker hears off this he forms a huge horde to assault the elf lands is this the end times remade or the war of the beard taking a stage 2

the invasion of the elf lands

while the great armies of the stonevreaker and arvanius clash in the north. the mage of taimen is killed during the assault by the great horde sent against his meager force while trying to liberate an outer village. prince altharius demand revenge.

the village of tarion

the elves have played a game of cat and mouse up to the village of tarion. the dwarves gain a great ally in the form of lord farius of the island. the elves attempt to take the village but are forced back by oriks mighty force.

the first battle

the dwarves have blockaded taimen and arvanius declars war on the dwarves. both armies meet at dwarven river. during the battle arvanius brother, aurarus is killed by orik and arvanius vows to kill orik with his bare hands. although the dwarves have surprise on their side the elves smah them towards the sea and the flee to arken island.

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